About Us

At Carrom we continue to strive to make available to you, our customer, this most popular line of family-oriented games. As always, our motto and production goal remains "Quality Family Games".

This is a task we take seriously. We continue to use input from out highly skilled production force, our management team, and from you, our customer, to improve existing games and develop new product line offerings.

Carrom Company is now over 100 years old. We have placed countless games in the hands of happy families for their long-term enjoyment and satisfaction. This is both a joy to us, and a duty. To maintain the satisfaction of our relationship with you, our current customers, we will continue producing quality-made, affordably-priced and attractive games - games that last a long time after the package is discarded. Our games have a quality that customers demand, built right by American workers.

Our commitment will always remain with the emphasis on you, the purchaser, as it has for the last 100 years. This is what has kept this American company strong and proud for a lifetime.

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